The Rain & The Wind
dapted and Directed by Howard Rypp

Translation- Nitzan Cohen
Choreography by Tzachee Pateesh and Danny Rocham (SHEKETAK)
Music arranged by Ohad Rhine
 Designed by Maayan Rypp
Video Idan Yitchayak
Lighting by Steven Plotkin
Second Director- Lavie Zytner
Actors Ohad Rhine Lavie Zytner Howard Rypp
Dancers-Tal BenOri, Dana Chafuta, Reut Weinberger, Dor Eldar,Rotem Viner-Tchaikovsky

The Rain and the Wind” is a multi-media dance theatre production based upon the life and songs of Bob Dylan
The production traces Bob Dylan’s artistic career that influenced and transformed the world of music and poetry.
Featuring 3 actors who play Dylan at the various stages of his life it incorporates 5 dancers who interpret his songs through movement.

" An inspiring and captivating music and dance performance which uplifts the spirit and the soul"
Amit Lavie"– Meezra School

"In a daring and totally enjoyable production the Nephesh Theatre bridges and binds between the generations.As the songs are played and the translations shown on the screens the audience understands the important messages which Dylan conveys. Hurry to buy your tickets-It’s a hit!"
- Nana 10