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    Clip chronicling 40 years of Nephesh Theatre Activity

    The Nephesh Theatre  40th   Anniversay Celebrations:



    A Video documenting the ceremony and press conference of Howard Rypp receiving the Grand Prize at the International MonoDrama Festival in Bitola Macedonia April 2013:

    A Video montage chronicling the Nephesh Theatre productions from its first production of "Children of Night" in 1978 until it moved its base from Toronto to Tel Aviv in 1985:

    A photo collage of "Tits and Ass" a comedy based upon the words, humor and life of Lenny Bruce, starring Howard Rypp and Leah Perlmutter:                            

    A Video Collage of the three Nephesh productions of "EINSTEIN" starring Peter Boretski  (in English 1985-1988) Misha Asherov (in Hebrew 1987-1990) and Victor Attar (in English and Hebrew 2005-2008:


    A Video of "Ambassadors of Very Good Will" a cabaret about co-existence in Israel written by and starring Ibrihim Meiri and Merav Kupperberg:

    The Nephesh Theatre  40th   Anniversay Celebrations: