About Our Touring Shows

    The Nephesh Theatre has a long history of travel throughout the world. We have always aimed to produce high quality touring productions which depict multi-cultural communities that share a plurality of beliefs. We aim to develop a common language that achieves mutual respect while emphasizing common bonds. In the past fifteen years Nephesh Theatre has made over 450 presentations in International Theatre Festivals, Jewish Theatre Festivals, Fringe Festivals, Monodrama Festivals and Children's Theatre Festivals.



    Today we are proud to present to you a unique repertoire of 4 award-winning and long running successful productions that promise to excite and inspire your community:

    Gimpel the Fool - Based upon the classic story by I.B. Singer, adapted, directed and starring Howard Rypp. The play has toured throughout Scotland, England, Canada, U.S., Russia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Armenia Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt and Poland. It has won many prestigious prizes at international Festivals. Gimpel the Fool is available also in a Yiddish version featuring Dori Engel. It premiered at the International Yiddish Theatre Festival in Romania and presented also in Paris and Warsaw. In 2023-24 it will tour North and South America.

    The Good Wolf is based on the true story of Holocaust survivor Mishka Zilberstein, who as a youth escaped from the ghetto finding refuge in the
    woods. There he bonded with a wolf and together survived the perils of nature and evil of the enemy. A moving story that blurs the boundaries between history and myth. Recently awarded 5 prestigious prizes at the Haifa International Theatre Festival. In 2023-24 it will tour Germany and Poland.

    Without an Evil Eye- by Sarel Peterman and Asaf Ben Shimon, is an innovative comedy blending theatrical storytelling with stand-up comedy to recount the inspiring unique true story of Asaf Ben Shimon. Despite his gradual descent into blindness he was able to see and affirm the gift of life. A play which promises to delight and inspire everyone. It won the ASSITEJ prize for Best One Man Play in 2022 In 2023-24 will tour to Morocco, England and Canada.

    Black Pepper- A comedy set in Israel during the covid pandemic. Written by Aviv Luz, directed by Howard Rypp, it pairs two very different characters- an aging Moroccan puppeteer with a young Ethiopian rapper who volunteers to bring him groceries. As they help one another to fulfill themselves while strengthening their proud in their heritage, as they create their Art. It will tour Morocco in 2023.