Theatre Prizes


The Good Wolf

For Best Production -the show takes its audience on a deep emotional journey, on a tightrope between reality and imagination. All the elements of the show coalesce into oneunique and exciting work.

The director's award to Sarel Peterman – Sarelmasterfully blended all the elements of the show, Through his guidance of the actors Sarel cleverly combines all the elements into a dramatic and exciting world and the result is precise and sensitive.

The movement design award for Talia Landa and Yaniv Avraham – They create a unique, impressive and invested language of movement. The design of the wolf character is unusual and the movement sections are an essential part of the show and manage to tell the storywithout any need of words.

The Video Art Award to Sivan Pressler and Nitai Shalem - the video design is a significant layer in the creation of the world in which the show takes place, using cinematic techniques. It creates drama, transition of time and place and reveals to us about the emotional world of the characters.

Special Commendation to the actor Michael Peled in the role of the wolf

Two on the same roof

Assitej 2019 - best price for 
Interdisciplinary play.

Co-production with Elmina Theatre.



Gimpel The Fool

Best Actor ALBOMONO Festival in Albania June 2019-Howard Rypp

One Voice

ASSITEJ 2017  Best play and Best production for Youth 

Mr Green & Me

Best Actor ASSITEJ prize 2016-Albert Cohen 

My First Kiss

Haifa Youth Theatre Festival 2016:

Best Production for Youth

Best Director

Best Music

Best Chorieography


My Grandfather The General 

Haifa Youth Theatre Festival 2016::

Best Actor 

Regarding the Bird

Shlomi Bertonov Best Actor ASSITEJ Prize 2015

Nitzan Cohen Best Play ASSITEJ Prize 2015

Cat man with long Hair

Eli Ashkenazi Best Lighting designer Festival Haifa 2014

Gimpel the Fool

Grand Prize, International MonoDrama Festival Bitola Macedonia 2013

Best of the Fest, Wnnipeg Fringe Festival 2010


Haifa International Children's Festival:

Best Production

Best Playwright- Roy Segev, Yuval Cohen and Amnon Wolf

Best Direction- Roy Segev

Best Music- Yuval Mesner


Best Costumes- Merav Danon

Best Actor- Yuval Cohen


Best Ensemble Acting Prize 2016 Naj Naj Festivel - Croatia

Hana's Suitcase

Best Multi-Disciplinary Production, ASSITEJ Prize, 2011

Out of Egypt

Honorable Mentional to Osnat Zibil, Teatroneto, 2010


Theipis - Monodrama Festival Germany 2018

Dor 3.5

Best Actress- Ruth Geller, ASSITEJ Prize, 2010

Cost of Living

Best Actor- Lavie Zitner, ASSITEJ Prize, 2009

The Golem

Honorable Mention to Actor, Iran Sarel, Haifa International Children's Theatre Festival, 2009

I Will Overcome

Best Actress- Stav Adisis, ASSITEJ Prize, 2008

King of the Mountain

Most Promising Actor, Haifa, Roy Assaf, ASSITEJ Prize, 2006

One of a Kind

ASSITEJ Prizes 2006:

Best Play- Yossi Vassa and Shai Ben Attar

Best Production

Best Design- Sasha Lesansky

Most Promising Actor- Roy Assaf

Haifa International Children's Festival, 2005:

Best Production

Best Director- Shai Ben Attar

Most Popular Play

Best Actor- Shai Ferdo

Best Actress- Tehitina Assefa

Poem Factory

Haifa International Children's Festival, 2006:

Best Actor- Efron Etkin

Most Popular Production