“Everyone thinks I’m a kind of a “strange bird”- that’s an expression that my

mother uses to explain the way people look at someone like me- someone

who is different”

Written and Directed by Nitzan Cohen

Translated by Howard Rypp

Performed by Shir Shenar

Video by Shachak Paz

Lighting by Uri Rubinstein

Mikey, a youth who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, tells his

classmates what happened to him and the bird at school; the event which

caused everyone to keep their distance from him.

 “Regarding the Bird” is a moving one man play, which raises questions

about the place of the “other” in our society and reveals the need for us to

listen to and accept him

 “An extremely sensitive and moving portrayal”

– Shai Ben Yaakov – Yediot-Israel’s national newspaper

“The greatest achievement of the play and its direction is that it serves as a

double mirror for its audience reflecting the image of the character with his


- Tzvi Goren- The Stage

“The play opens a window to the unique world of people who have the

Asperger syndrome, enabling us to understand and appreciate them. Our

gratitude goes to the Nephesh Theatre who undertook this mission, enabling

this special voice be heard. Thanks to the playwright and director who

created the character of Mikey out of his deep understanding, and who breathed life into his character in such a heart-breaking


The Staff of EFI- the Organization for Asperger in Israel.