Honorable Mention TeatroNeto 2010

A Play by Hagit Bodankin

Directed by Vida Bilo
Actress- Asnat Zibil
Original Music –OferBoshan
Lighting by Adi Shimroni

Nurit, a ten year old girl from a village in Northern Israel wakes up to the fearful eyes of her mother and the other women from her neighborhood. The year is 1973, in the midst of the Yom Kippur War, she is given valium and informed that her father is missing in action.

This is the journey of a girl who grows up in a world of chaos and confusion. Her father is missing and her mother is running around the country trying to discover what happened to him.

Nurit is left behind with fear and uncertainty and with only the records of Elvis Presley revolving around to comfort her

This is the true story of Hagit Bodankin (the playwright) and  Asnat Zibil (the actress) who are sisters.

“Gentle sensitive and precise work of the actress”-Shai Bar Yaacov- Yediot Achronot

“The play is unraveling…well written, excellently performed”-Merav Yudelevich-YNET

“Asnat Zibil captures a sensitive portrayal of the transition from happy childhood to a dark inner world of maturity”-Tzvi Goren-The Stage

“An authentic story revealing a girl waiting for her father who doesn’t return from the Yom Kippur War; her touching acting reveals a personal story that her audience shares collectively”

From the Festival Aujudication