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New York Times- Andy Webster
"Infused with child like vigor wonder and humor, spiced with exhuberent African music and dance...Has much to offer- Mr Vassa’s effervescence, Ms Assefa's tough but tender grandmother, charming animation by Adi Katz, exhilarating choreography by Iddi Saaka, to Idan Zilbershtein's reggae-like songs... Inspirational!"
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Curtain up – Paulanne Simmons
"Filled with compassion and humor, it melds Jewish and African traditions of family, song, dance, and story-telling that is always accessible to children yet with enough substance to keep adults engaged... ”One of a Kind” is perfect family entertainment"
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Backstage- Gwen Orel
"Packed with life, joy and insight… wonderful to see a black Jewish family dancing with gestures more reminiscent of 'The Lion King' than 'Fiddler on the Roof'. The choreography of Iddi Saaka delights as does Idan Zilbershteins music. All the performances are terrific espcicially Vassa’s mischievous Andargay . Sharp Direction by Shai Ben Attar and smart translation (by Howard Rypp from the original Hebrew) keep things lively. A treat and a half!"
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Tadias Magazine

A modern-day Pessah story | Jerusalem Post

Nephesh Theatre from Tel Aviv on tour to Broadway
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