Educational Kit                                              
One of a Kind offers an elaborate educational activity that provides an in-depth learning experience about the core themes of the play; The Ethiopian Jews, immigration, origins, family tree, memoir writing, from childhood to adulthood, dreams and reality, journey, Diaspora and more.

This resource includes a range of information, questions, activities and worksheets that can stand alone or work as building blocks toward the creation of a complete unit of classroom work. Here you will find a series of questions and activities designed to be used Before the Show and After the Show in order to help focus your students' engagement with the performance and then to foster critical discussion after their experience.

It is possible and recommended as part of the Educational program to hold a discussion following the presentation of "One of a Kind" with the actors and creators.It is important to emphasize that most of the actors actually undertook the journey from Ethiopia to Israel through Sudan.

Examples of Questions that can be addressed to students before and after viewing "One of a Kind":
What do you know about Ethiopian Jewry?
What kind of journeys are you familiar with?
What are your family's roots?
Does your family have a personal diary or "story"?
Has your family always lived where they live or have they moved from someplace else?
Is it important to you that your parents tell you about their childhood?

Examples of Questions that students ask the actors following the play:
Why did you choose to tell your story through the theatre?
Is Jerusalem the way you dreamed?
What do your parents think about the play?
Did any of you ever return to Ethiopia? How did they receive you? How did you feel?
Now that you reached your dream-what is your new dream?
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